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The Knowledge to Handle Your Case, the Compassion to Ease Your Mind

The Nevada County CourthouseWhen legal issues connect with family life, the challenges can be extraordinary, and the stress is huge. You need someone who can explain your rights and obligations, help you analyze your choices and handle your legal issues with the finesse of a shrewd negotiator and the toughness of determined advocate who will stand up for you. You also want someone who understands the emotional toll these issues take and understands that not all of the costs to you are financial.

Achieve the outcome you want from your family law concerns.

  • A just settlement that properly divides community property
  • Reasonable custody and visitation arrangements
  • Financial support that meets needs fully and fairly
  • Protection against physical or emotional harm
  • Wise handling of guardianship, adoption, and paternity issues

Family law requires a deep understanding of legal complexities and subtleties combined with a delicate but determined approach.  Protect yourself, your family, and your future by engaging a professional who knows every aspect of this complex legal field.  Someone who can handle everything from simple amicable settlements to substantial financial assets and significant contested issues.

For your family’s future, you want Maralee Nelder:

All Aspects of Family Law

Maralee Nelder handles every type of family-related legal concern, including:

  • Divorce: Traditional/Litigated, Collaborative, and Mediated
  • Marital Settlement Agreements / Stipulations for Judgment
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Parenting Arrangements (custody/visitation)
  • Calculation of Child and Spousal Support
  • Support Enforcement and Defense
  • Financial Analysis
  • Restraining Orders
  • Parental Relationship
  • Adoptions and Guardianships
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Consultations

Learn more about our services, review our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us right away.

Complex Cases Welcomed

Maralee’s extensive background in all areas of family law, including certifications in financial analysis, have equipped her to handle the most challenging cases.  Whether you have difficult disputes, complicated custody issues, prodigious property, complex finances, or other involved issues, Nelder Family Law is your best choice for an attorney who can deal wisely and well with every issue.

Alternatives Embraced

Courts and judges are not the only way to handle marital dissolution.  They may not be the best way for your case. Maralee is a founding member of the Nevada County Collaborative Practice Group, making her ideal if you are considering collaborative divorce.  She is a trained mediator, and has acted as a Settlement Conference Judge and Temporary Judge.  See the description of the differences between the different types of divorce on our mediation page.

Special Circumstances Accepted

Maralee can work with special situations, such as a party out of state or even out of the country. While an in-person first consultation is generally the most productive, we can work by phone and e-mail when necessary.

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