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Personal Information Privacy Policy

Nelder Family Law will NEVER give, rent, share, sell, or transfer any personal information collected on this site or through any contact with the firm to any third party. We may store information from any contact in order to facilitate a response and conduct our own business. No email contact will be initiated without the visitor’s permission, and will be discontinued promptly upon request. Use of the contact form by a visitor constitutes permission to respond to that comment or inquiry, and to allow further e-mail contact. Unless otherwise required by statute, Nelder Family Law does not identify publicly who sends questions or comments through this web site or from any other contact.

Web Inquiry Does Not Create Attorney / Client Relationship

A website visit or initial inquiry does not represent any commitment that Ms. Nelder will act on your behalf.  It does not guarantee that Nelder Family Law is available to take your case, or that Nelder Family Law has no conflict of interest.  Please do not send confidential information until you make an appointment.   Until you have spoken directly to Ms. Nelder, no confidential relationship is created.


All attempts have been made to assure that any information on this website is accurate and complete. Any errors will be corrected as soon as they are brought to our attention—contact us here. Nelder Family Law is not responsible for the actions taken by any individual in response to the information or opinions expressed on this site.

Copyright, Use, and Distribution

Unless otherwise noted, all material on this site is copyright Maralee Nelder and ALL rights are reserved.


Many images on this site are either public domain, or are copyright by the creator identified, and are used in accordance with the license specified by the creator.

Material Available for Distribution and Use

Some material may be specifically labeled for distribution, and that constitutes written permission as long as the terms are adhered to.

Written material in PDF files may be printed or shared for personal use, providing full credit is given to the author, and that no links are deleted or rendered inactive (where applicable).


Don’t just take what is not yours. Contact Nelder Family Law.

Commercial Use

No content of any kind contained on this site may be downloaded, printed, or distributed via print or electronic format for any commercial use without prior written permission.

Website Information & Usage

NelderFamilyLaw.com does not obtain information that will personally identify web site visitors through most usage, except when optional forms are completed by a visitor’s choice. Our host or other analysis services may collect information about visitors’ use of this website. This is collected automatically without any personal or identifying information. This includes: the domain name from which a visitor accesses the internet, the date and time and duration the visitor was connected to the site, the internet address of the website from which a visitor linked directly to this website, the type of browser used to access this site, and the search engine and keywords used when searching for this site. This information is in aggregate to measure website performance.

Cookies may be used to handle browsing activity, but such use is only temporary, and is not stored.

When deemed appropriate at her sole discretion, Maralee Nelder may provide visitor information, including identifying information that may have been entered into the site by the visitor, to authorized law enforcement agencies.